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This is the silliness that ensued today. Starting with our morning drive to school, then lunch, then afternoon yoga.

Things I ate today:
Vega One Vanilla Chai
2 Bananas, cup of Strawberries, 3 small dates and Almond milk shake
Trader Joe’s veggie gyoza
I also snuck a few bites of the kids’ pasta before running to the gym to teach.

This morning I did 45 minutes of yoga. I’m so sore from Monday’s workout so today was especially nice to take it easy and stretch. I taught Boot Camp and Pilates this evening.


I modified Monday’s Boot Camp workout to suit tonight’s crowd. Pilates was especially fun. We did a lot of moves we’ve never done before and there was plenty of laughing.

Tomorrow the kids have doctor appointments and two separate holiday performances so in not sure when I’ll get a workout in. Do I dare head to the gym at 6am? Hmm…



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Warmth in the middle of December makes me happy.

Things I ate today:
Vega One Vanilla Chai shake
Ezekiel raisin bread with peanut butter
Strawberry Shortcake
Sweet Potato fries with season salt
Sautéed broccoli, mushrooms and onions a la Pops
Fun size Twix (we still have Halloween candy)

I taught 6am Boot Camp this morning. Then did the same workout at the gym: 3 rounds, 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
1st circuit:
Walking push ups
Squat jumps
Plank jacks
Lunging skaters
2nd circuit:
Jump Lunges
Sit ups
Bicep curls to shoulder press
Jumping jacks
I also did 13 minutes on the treadmill running and inclines

Tomorrow I teach evening Boot Camp and Pilates. I’m not sure if I want to do a morning workout or just yoga… or take a nap.


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Things I ate today:
Vanilla Chai Vega One shake
Ezekiel raisin bread with peanut butter

Strawberry Shortcake shake
A banana and some chips
Rice, bell peppers and snow peas a la Mamacita Rosarita. I picked out the veggies and didn’t eat the chicken.

Today I taught a HIIT Camp. We did box jumps, elevated push ups, lunges, weighed punches and a lot more. I’d take a picture of my notebook but it’s in the car and it’s too cold to go outside. I also did half an hour of yoga after taking the kiddos to school.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Both girls are having a buddy sleep over. And I need to finish wrapping presents. I tried to have BamBam help me the other day but she turned the wrapping paper into fantastic accessories.

Oh my silly girl…


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My conversation with the hubby today

I weighed in at 99.6 this morning which is .2 less than my lowest lately.

Things I ate today:
Ezekiel raisin bread with peanut butter
Zico Chocolate Coconut water during my workout
Smoothie with 2 Bananas, about a pint of Strawberries and 5 dates, plus ice and water

Black bean and wild rice soup with cornbread stuffing from Trader Joe’s

I actually made it to the gym today. So I did 10 reps and 3 sets (different variations of each) of these exercises:
Squats + push ups
Lunges + rows
Deadlifts/1 legged squats + shoulders

I also did some time on the treadmill, running and different inclines.

Tomorrow I teach 6am HIIT Camp. This might be my favorite class to teach besides yoga. I like the fast pace and how strong everyone looks.

I also have to drive to LA again and then bake cookies for the hubby’s cookie exchange he’s doing with friends from the metro link he takes to work. Time for bed!


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I just nailed a handstand without touching the wall. And then I couldn’t do it anymore. Bummer. Baby steps.

Things I ate today:
Vega One shake
A banana
Strawberry Shortcake shake
Tofurky Italian sausage, red bell peppers and mushrooms with pasta
And I’m working on 3 Oreos in bed as I write this

I felt like today was an easy workout. I’m still incorporating my MostFit strap.

I’m really liking the straps for ab work.  It totally takes things to another level.

I was able to get in 30 minutes of yoga as well. I find that doing yoga after my workout makes me feel more open, like my muscles are more relaxed and I’m able to go deeper into my poses. I’m guessing it’s because my muscles are already warmed up. Either way, I’m getting a nice mixture of strength and stretch.

Tomorrow is my day off from teaching. I keep telling myself to get to the gym and run but I haven’t had enough fire under my butt to get me there. Maybe tomorrow???


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Today was so cold and windy. I wore gloves and a beenie almost all day long. I also took a 2 hour nap with BamBam, my favorite time of the day!
Things I ate today:
Vega One shake
Strawberry Shortcake smoothie

Vietnamese Winter roll

Rice and tinola (flipino chicken soup) I only ate the broth and spinach and picked out the chicken
3 Oreos and a cup of Almond milk

I taught Boot Camp this morning. Then came home and did my own workout. I tried using the MostFit straps for leg exercises too but it just wasn’t doing anything. So I used the straps for my arms, back and abs and my Sandbag for legs.

I also got in half an hour of yoga. This evening I subbed a pilates class. It was a fun group. I like when people talk in class. It makes time go by faster and it’s just so awkward when people stare quietly at me the whole class.

Tomorrow I’m taking the night of from teaching to attend an award assembly for Bugs. She’s on the honor roll and is in the Renaissance Club at her junior high. My kid rocks!


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Happy Sunday! We spent the weekend in Palm Springs for the hubby’s 1st Olympic distance triathlon. He got 7th in his division.

I was able to get in workouts on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s workout at home, I used my MostFit straps and Ultimate Sandbag. I set my interval timer for 10/30 and did random exercises alternating between arms on the MostFit straps and legs with the sandbag.

Saturday I did all bodyweight exercises since I didn’t bring any equipment to Palm Springs. Again I set my timer to 10/30 and alternated between legs, arms, abs and cardio. Then I finished with 20 minutes of yoga.

Tomorrow I teach Boot Camp at 0600. We’re doing 3 rounds of 10 exercises for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between. Then 2 minutes of jump rope; 30 seconds both feet, 30 seconds right foot, 30 seconds left foot and 30 seconds both feet again.
I’m also subbing a yoga class later in the evening.

I don’t even want to start with what I ate this weekend. I’ll be getting back on track tomorrow. I’ve been consistently staying between 99-101 lbs the past few weeks. My ideal weight is 98lbs, I’m only 4’11”, so I’m definitely on my way!